Are you in a relationship with someone who might be or is on the Autism spectrum (ASD)?

Are you feeling invisible, lonely or confused in your relationship?

You might feel like you have no voice.


No one wants to hear your side of the story or realises how difficult it is for you to live with someone
who struggles with empathy.



The challenges of an emotionally unavailable partner


Being the partner of an individual with ASD has its own unique set of challenges. The bottom line is that relationships between a neurotypical individual and an individual with ASD can be tough - and this isn’t anyone’s fault. When we recognise that both people on the spectrum and neurotypical people are born with their own unique and wonderful, yet different, styles of brain organisation, it becomes clear that we cannot rely on specific blame to explain any issues that arise.

My aim is to help you better understand the inner workings of the ASD mind so that you can gain perspective in order to clarify what is best for you in your relationship. Counselling sessions would be helpful for you if you want to explore the following options:

You want to stay in your relationship. But for this to work, you would like to understand more about how your partner’s mind functions, to better be able to relate to him/her. The key is to know what works for both you and your partner with ASD, and then come up with strategies. Based on your experience, as you’re the one who knows him/her best, we’ll work on how you can feel heard. We’ll look at how you can get your needs met and put in place ways to look after yourself.


You feel lost, you can’t remember who you were or understand who you have become. We are built for interaction which means that we get to know ourselves in relation to others. When living with someone on the spectrum who is wired differently, neurotypicals can lose sight of who they are because of this lack of feedback and empathy. We’ll work on rebuilding your self-esteem, your sense of worth and empower you so you reconnect with yourself to claim back your identity. Then we’ll explore what you want to do and how you see your future. With clarity regained, you’ll see you have choices.


You have made your decision: you want to leave. With full acceptance, I’ll accompany you and support you in your choice of separation or divorce. We’ll work on empowering you so you can own your resourcefulness to be able to withstand the journey ahead.


In my practice, I offer a confidential space which is completely yours, where there will be no judgement or shaming. You will be able to:

  • Talk freely about the reality of your everyday life, your pain and your disappointments

  • Reclaim visibility and find love again for yourself

  • Process any grief in letting go of the expectations you might have once had

If you'd like to get in touch to arrange your first session, or to ask any questions, please head to my Contact page by clicking below.